Sulphonated Asphalt

Details on Sulphonated Asphalt

Sulphonated Asphalt is a versatile additive made from custom sulphonation of select asphaltics and the process of manufacture is structured to ensure that the resultant product is water soluble and stabilizes shale formations and reduces the torque and drag.

Sulphonated Asphalt performs a wide variety of functions in a drilling fluid. It acts as a high temperature fluid loss control agent and gives thin tough filter cakes. It reduces torque and drag, improves bore hole stability, inhibits the sloughing and dispersion of shades and aids in emulsification of oil. It also enhances the bottom hole lubricity while drilling.

Recommended Treatment

Sulphonated Asphalt dosage is in the range of 2 ppb to 6 ppb depending on the formation and the end results desired. More typically the dosage is in the range of 4 ppb – 6 ppb to ensure adequate protection from swelling of shale coupled with better rate of penetration and lubricity.

Typical Properties of Sulphonated Asphalt
Description Fine Black Powder with a Brown Tinge
Water Solublity (on Dry Basis) >70% (w/v)
Temperature Stability Upto 200 ⁰ C
pH of 2%( w/v) Solution in Water >8.5
Moisture Content ( % by Mass) < 10.0
Performance under test conditions
API Water Loss <12.5 ml
HP-HT Water Loss < 30 ml

*Product can be custom manufactured as per the required specifications.


Transportation is not restricted by any International or US Regulatory Authorities


Available in 25 Kg , 50 lb multi wall paper bags.
Can be packed in bulk packing of 900 Kgs Jumbo Bags.

Handling Instructions

Refer MSDS for handling and storage instructions.