Appearance Dark Green colour viscous liquid
Moisture Content (wt %) ≈ < 2 %
Working Temperature 50°C – 60 °C
Particle size 30 – 90 microns
Specific Gravity 1.02 ± 0.02
Solubility Resin system is soluble in all types of industrial solvents like Xylene, Toluene, Butyl Acetates, Ethyl Acetates, Dowanol, PMA etc but have limited compatibility with MTOs. The dispersed particles are insoluble in organic solvents.
Chemical Reactions Strongly alkaline and acidic materials will result exotherm reactions.
Application Anti Corrosion additive in paints and related coatings, for solvent based system having low polar solvent.


The material POLYANILINE  UDR 750 is designed and developed for coatings used in the areas of Industrial application as complete and safe replacements of anti-corrosive pigments like Chromes, Phosphates etc. to achieve target performances. It can be used in combination with above mentioned anticorrosive pigments. It is meant for use in Primers mainly.

The material is supplied as thick dark colored liquid which can be poured or pumped easily. The PANI based powder is dispersed in universal dispersion resin is suitable for blending with different types of Industrial resins at any proportion. The active content is maintained at 20 ± 1 %.

Typical recommendations are as below:

  • Salt spray performance of 100 hrs – 200 hrs: Use the said material at 0.1% – 0.3% actives by formulae wt.
  • Salt spray performance of up to 500 hrs : Use the said material at 0.4% – 0.8% actives by formulae wt.
  • Salt spray performance of up to 750 hrs : Use the said material at 0.6% – 1.0% actives by formulae wt.

In all such use ensure that nearest to the current PVC level is being maintained.

The usage level has to be arrived independently by the user in their own systems using their own test protocol or any standard test protocols of ASTM/BIS/DIN etc.

It is recommended to incorporate at letdown stage adding under continuous stirring and ensure it is mixed very uniformly. The impact on curing speed, hardness, flexibility and other critical properties needs to be assessed by the user carefully along with Product stability. The dispersion is highly thixotropic in nature. Proper homogenisation is necessary before use.

Note that it imparts Greenish or greyish tone which would vary depending on the amount of TiO2 present in the composition and the level of usage of the additive (POLYANILINE UDR 750 ) Shade adjustment is a necessity and in some cases may be slightly challenging.