Bentonite API-9

Details on Bentonite API-9 :

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Bentonite API-9 Bentonite API-9 is natural sodium bentonite specially designed for the production of fluids for oil and water drilling and Bentonite API-9 is a high quality product and its characteristics meet API SPEC 13A Section 9 (Eighteenth Edition Aug 2010) specifications for bentonite. 




Properties of Bentonite API-9 (Bentonite)





10.00% Max

Viscometer dial reading at 600 rpm


Min. 30

Yield Point / Plastic Viscosity Ratio


Max. 3

Filtrate Volume


Max. 15 Cm3

Residue greater than 75 µm (200 Mesh)


4% Max


Application : –

  • Bentonite API-9 is used for viscosity and filtration control in fresh water mud systems.
  • Bentonite API-9 is used in drilling fluids to lubricate and cool the cutting tools, to remove cuttings, and to help prevent blowouts.
  • Bentonite API-9 is a cost effective means of achieving viscosity, fluid loss control and filter-cake quality in freshwater and seawater muds.
  • As with all bentonite products, the yield decreases as the salinity increases. In muds with salinity of 3500 mg/L or higher the bentonite API-9 must first be pre-hydrated in fresh water, before adding it to the mud system.
  • For Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) Grade, Refer : Bentonite API-11 (OCMA)

Advantage : –

  • Bentonite API-9 hydrates more than other types of clays and is best for generating viscosity, developing gels for suspension and controlling filtration.
  • Bentonite API-9 promotes bore hole stability.
  • Bentonite API-9 promotes the deposition of thin, compressible filter cakes in the wellbore.
  • Bentonite API-9 can be added directly to fresh water or fresh water based drilling fluids

Packaging : –

  • Bentonite API-9 is packaged in Super Sacks (Big Bags), In 50 Kgs bags or 25 Kgs Bags.