Bentonite API-11 (OCMA)

Details on Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) :

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Bentonite OCMA API-11 Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) is high grade sodium bentonite specially selected and its characteristics meet API SPEC 13A Section 11 (Eighteenth Edition Aug 2010) specifications. The purity of its basic mineral and its high Montmorillonite content give a good stability to all the drilling fluids produced with Bentonite API-11. The product is particularly designed for water and oil drilling.

Properties of Bentonite API-11 (Bentonite)




10.00% Max

Viscometer dial reading at 600 rpm


Min. 30

Yield Point / Plastic Viscosity Ratio


Max. 6

Filtrate Volume


Max. 16 Cm3

Residue greater than 75 µm (200 Mesh)


4% Max


Application : –

  • Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) is used for providing viscosity in fresh water mud systems in oil well drilling.
  • Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) reduces fluid loss and water seepage into permeable formations.
  • Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) is a cost effective means of achieving viscosity, fluid loss control and filter-cake quality in freshwater and seawater muds.
  • As with all bentonite products, the yield decreases as the salinity increases. In drilling muds containing more than 5000 mg/L chlorides, the performance of bentonite (API-11) is significantly reduced unless it is pre-hydrated in fresh water, before adding it to the mud system.
  • For Bentonite API-9 Grade, Refer : Bentonite API-9

Advantage : –

  • Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) hydrates more than other types of clays and is best for generating viscosity, developing gels for suspension and controlling filtration.
  • Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) promotes bore hole stability.
  • Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) forms a thin filter cake with low permeability.
  • Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) can be added directly to fresh water or fresh water based drilling fluids
  • Bentonite API-11 (OCMA) is environmentally safe.

Packaging : –

  • It is available packaged in Jumbo Bags, In 50 Kgs bags or 25 Kgs Bags.