Barite 4.2

Details on Barite 4.2 : 

barite-powder-250x250Barite 4.2 is a high quality drilling grade Barite also known as Barium Sulphate. This high specific gravity mineral has application in all drilling fluid system and meets all API SPEC 13A Section 7 (Eighteenth Edition Aug 2010) Specifications.

Properties :

Density / Specific Gravity : Min 4.2 g/cc
Water soluble Alkaline Earth Metals as Calcium : Max 200 mg/kg
Residue greater than 75 N mi-crometers (200 Mesh) : Max 3.0% wt
 Particle less than 6 micrometers in equivalent spherical diameter  : Max 30% wt
Particles less than 4 Micronmeters in Equivalent spherical diameter : Max 20% wt
Carbonates : Max 3000 mg/kg
Mercury : Max 1.0 mg/kg
Lead : Max 1000 mg/kg
Cadmium : Max 3.0 mg/kg

Application :

    • Barite is widely used as weighing material and can be used to increase the density of any mud system.
    • Worldwide, 69–77% of baryte is used as a weighting agent for drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration to suppress high formation pressures and prevent blowouts.
    • Baryte is used in added-value applications which include filler in paint and plastics, sound reduction in engine compartments, coat of automobile finishes for smoothness and corrosion resistance, friction products for automobiles and trucks, radiation-shielding cement, glass ceramics and medical applications.
    • Historically baryte was used for the production of barium hydroxide for sugar refining, and as a white pigment for textiles, paper, and paint.

Packaging :

  • Barite is available packaged in 1MT or 1.5 MT Jumbo Bags, In 50 Kgs HDPE Liner bags or 25 Kgs HDPE Liner Bags.