Appearance Dark Green colour viscous liquid
Solid Content (wt %) 20 ±1 % Polyaniline in water
Working Temperature < 100 °C
Particle size 10 nm – 90 microns
Specific Gravity 1.03 ± 0.02
Solubility The dispersed particles are insoluble in water or any organic solvents.
Chemical Reactions It reacts with bases and reducing agents
Application Antistatic additive, Anti corrosion additive in paints and related coatings, for water based system.

The material AIRCONPANI-WD is designed and developed for water based coating systems as complete and safe replacements of anti-corrosive pigments like Chromes, Phosphates etc. to achieve target performances.

The material is supplied as thick dark colored liquid which can be poured or pumped easily. The PAni based powder is dispersed in water is suitable for blending with different types of water based resins at any proportion. The active content is maintained at 20 ± 1 %.

The usage level for different applications has to be arrived independently by the user in their own systems using their own test protocol or any standard test protocols of ASTM/BIS/DIN etc.

It is recommended to incorporate at letdown stage adding under continuous stirring and ensure it is mixed very uniformly. The impact on curing speed, hardness, flexibility and other critical properties needs to be assessed by the user carefully along with product stability. The dispersion is highly thixotropic in nature. Proper homogenisation is necessary before use.

Note that it imparts Greenish or greyish tone which would vary depending on the amount of TiO2 present in the composition and the level of usage of the additive. Shade adjustment is a necessity and in some cases may be slightly challenging.

Safety: Use personal protective equipments such as eyeshield, gloves, respiratory mask etc.

First Aid Measures
ORAL EXPOSURE: If swallowed, wash out mouth with water.
INHALATION EXPOSURE: If inhaled, remove to fresh air.
DERMAL EXPOSURE: In case of contact, immediately wash skin with soap and water.
EYE EXPOSURE: In case of contact with eyes, flush with lots of water for at least 10-15 minutes.
Call a physician if the person is in critical condition.